Our campground features 250 full and partial service tent and RV sites with forest or beach views, children’s playground, washrooms, showers, and laundry facilities. Beautiful views of the Alberni Inlet, a large south facing quiet natural beach, some of the best fishing on Vancouver Island and nearby access to the world class Alberni Inlet Trail. Looking for adventure? Eco- adventures at your door step; it’s an ideal spot to explore, relax and reconnect with friends and family by land and sea. We invite you to enjoy China Creek Campground, Vancouver Island’s best kept secret, only 10km from Port Alberni. 



China Creek Campground Pledge

We take pride in the natural beauty of China Creek Campground and we consider it a privilege to share this wilderness experience with its natural inhabitants and you. Generations of visitors have enjoyed China Creek Campground and Marina. The China Creek Campground Pledge is our way of preserving the natural grounds, ensuring safety of our visitors and creating an experience that will welcome future generations to enjoy it even more. We invite you to explore, relax and reconnect … take the China Creek Campground Pledge today!


  1. I will arrive and depart on time. However, since “life happens while making other plans” I will notify the Campground as soon as possible if things change so that others may have an opportunity to enjoy my reserved site.
  2. I will pay all my fees when due.
  3. I will not create my own parking spot.
  4. I will be Fire Smart and follow all notices.
  5. I will be Wildlife Smart and follow all notices.
  6. I will respect other guests as I wish to be respected.
  7. I understand we share and appreciate the wilderness so I will leave no trace and will strive to leave the area better than when I arrived.
  8. Water is our way of life. I will use it wisely and discharge of it responsibly.
  9. If I have a furry friend family member I will follow the Pet Pledge 


 China Creek Campground Pet Pledge

In order to ensure that all guests, including your humans, enjoy themselves at China Creek Campground and Marina, please review these best practices with your human and have them take our Pet Pledge, on your behalf:


  1. I LOVE China Creek Campground and look forward to visiting every year, so my human will stay attached to me by holding my leash at all times; even on the beach. This is to be sure that neither I nor my human doesn’t get lost, frighten people, other pets or chase wildlife.
  2. I noticed there are “Doggy Doo” stations located throughout the park; if I need to do my doggy doo doo, I will have my human clean up after me right away and dispose of it in the nearest garbage can.
  3. I LOVE boat rides but the docks are really narrow and often have other humans and pets on them. So, I will make sure my human is attached to me by the other end of my leash when going to and from the boat. Of course, my human needs to be with me at all time on the docks too (they can get so distracted by other humans and fish!).
  4. I LOVE to go camping and get really tired with all the fun activities at China Creek Campground. I know other dogs and humans do too! So, I will make sure that I don’t bark excessively or disturb other pets or people who also love to go camping.
  5. Sometimes my human gets scared and lonely when left alone. Sometimes I do too. So, I will be sure that my human won’t ever leave me alone.




The Port Alberni Port Authority is responsible for both the day to day operations of the harbour, and the long term improvement of the waterfront facilities, including recreational marinas and secondary industries to the extent that these activities are specified in the Port Alberni Port Authority Letter Patent. The Port Authority is committed to working with the community towards economic diversification; its vision “to be a thriving diversified port”. The mission of the port is to facilitate profitable maritime trade and marine related tourism and industry by offering services and leadership that respect both the community and the environment. The Port Authority operates five successful marinas, Clutesi Haven, China Creek, Harbour Quay, Tyee Landing and Fishermen’s Harbour; Small Craft Harbour for the commercial fisheries.  Along with our marinas the port leases park lands from the Alberni-Clayquot Regional District to operate China Creek Campground.